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1 To 1 Training

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RSM Stage Academy 1 to 1 Training
RSM Stage Academy 1 to 1 Training are bespoke sessions tailored to the individuals needs, whether you are just starting out, experienced and or a professional within the industry. We cater for all ages with our bespoke 1 to 1’s, training in Singing, Acting and Dance.
We will work in great detail on your core skills and developing your technique.
During the 1 to 1 training, you will also work on your performance and strengthening the area in need of further development, whilst enhancing your current ability to reach its maximum potential.

If you are working on a particular Performance, in-between contracts, Exam, Showcase,
Audition, we are here to support your journey as a performer, singer, actor or dancer.

For those students or clients who wish to take exams with Trinity College London, this is also an additional option for you. You can work from Grade 1 through to Grade 8. Adult performers and clients can work towards their Level 4 or Level 6 in the national qualification’s framework. Options for exams are either Musical Theatre and Acting based examinations with Trinity College London. We have 2 exam dates per year, meaning you can do the exams alongside your training with us and any other studies or commitments that you may have.

Virtual 1 to 1 Training

If you are unable to get to a session in person or simply it is too far to travel, we teach students and clients across the world so this is the perfect option for you.
Nothing changes you still have all the same with our bespoke 1 to 1 training, as detailed above. It is also possible for those who do virtual 1 to 1’s in the UK, you can take your exams with us, along with receiving all the relevant support and guidance, the same as you would in person. You will just need to travel down for the exam day and you will have plenty of notice for this.

1 To 1 Training Fee Breakdown

Number of Private Lessons Paid For Total cost for blocks of Private Lessons Breakdown of cost per Private Lesson
1 Private Lesson £25.00 £25.00
2 Private Lessons £48.00 £24.00
4 Private Lessons £92.00 £23.00
6 Private Lessons £132.00 £22.00
8 Private Lessons £168.00 £21.00

PLEASE NOTE: When you book and pay for a 1 to 1 Training Session whether a block booking or a singular session these are non refundable. We do require 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or rearrange a pre-booked 1 to 1 Training Session. Failure to let us know within this time you will be charged for that session missed.