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You just got your self-tape audition request and your panicking and don’t know what to do? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Firstly, we congratulate you! Getting a request for a self-tape is a huge deal!  This is a sign that you’ve been noticed and that someone such as a director or a member of a creative team is interested in seeing more of you.

And you may be stressing yourself out thinking how are you going to do this?  Don’t let the process intimidate you, we’ve got all the tips and tricks for you to conquer this.


     1. What equipment you need.

Here’s the basic equipment needed to properly self-tape and audition:

  • A good quality camera
  • Tripod
  • Lighting (natural works great!)
  • A solid colour background that is not distracting or shiny
  • A reader

Before you begin filming yourself, do a test to check your video. Important things to look out for: review footage for good quality video, sound, and if the aesthetics are pleasing and go well together overall. Even though these things may take some time and experimenting, it is crucial to create a solid foundation to ensure that your video is intriguing and seen by industry professionals and not to be clicked away in the first few seconds.

     2. Read directions carefully.

Reading the self-tape submission guidelines is the first important step. Follow the specific directions and double check any notes given by the casting director, since every casting office has different self-tape uploading techniques. There are usually specific instructions when it comes to self-tape auditions such as: specific framing, full body shots or from shoulders up, specific uploading format, and platforms through which to send the video. If any of these instructions are unclear, do not be afraid to ask questions. The more information you have, the better your video will turn out.

     3. Get off-book before recording.

Another way to look like a professional on camera is to memorise your lines before taping your video. Although it is a standard procedure to hold a scripture when auditioning, remembering all your lines will eventually make you look more professional than just reading your lines on camera. Remember, this will be your first impression to those who view your video and first impressions are everything!

Tip: if you need your sides, tape them near you on eye level so when reading it seems as though you are incorporating thought and not looking for your lines. Make sure that they cannot be seen on camera!

Be prepared and know the material so you can give the best performance possible.

     4. Appropriate clothing choice for self-tapes.

According to the scene you are recording, choose something that is fitting and comfortable yet appropriate for that performance. It is always best to keep it simple and not something too flashy. A plain t-shirt with no patterns or logos will do, but avoid colours such as black and white, they can reflect too much and can also be distracting by creating a “floating head” especially if you have a dark background.

     5. Choose a clean, quiet setting.

For a more impactful self-tape audition, let your performance be the highlight and not the background. Keeping it simple will make sure that there are no distractions and unnecessary noises in the way of recording your video and audio. Background tips: clean/simple wall, backdrop, etc.Try to choose darker colours for your background (grey is the preferred colour by directors).

     6. The importance of lighting.

The best quality videos are taped in natural light. To achieve this, stand near a window. The light source should be in front of you and not in shot. Don’t sit with a window behind you. Try not to film in the evening to avoid high contrasting or fluorescent lighting. A game changer for filming is to purchase a ring light. This will help you achieve natural light and overall better video quality.

     7. Find a Great Reader.

It is important to choose a reader who helps you and doesn’t hurt your performance. A fellow acting buddy or someone who is in the industry is always a good choice. Their gender shouldn’t matter, since males can read female roles and vice versa. Just remember to make sure that they are not drawing the attention away from you.

     8. Don’t look directly into the camera.

Do not record yourself looking directly into the camera. Place your viewpoint slightly to the left or right of the camera lens. Avoid doing this unless advised or asked otherwise.

     9. Perform and show your personality!

Remember to introduce yourself first stating your full name, and then go on to say the name of the character you are auditioning for. Your slate should feel inviting and fit the mood of the scene. Remember to express your confidence and show your personality for the person who is watching, but do not in any way be robotic. This is a chance for you to show that you are professional and that you have a personality. First impressions are everything, so avoid appearing monotone. Remember to give it your all and immerse yourself in your role and audition.

     10. Edit your video.

After you have completed recording yourself and you are satisfied with all the content you created, it is time to edit your footage. Delete all unnecessary and excess parts and include all the highlights. Always label the clips with your name first, then add the projects title and scene. These should be instructions given by the director or creative team member. Remember to follow all given directions.

Tip: Submit before the deadline.

This is not the time to be procrastinating! Being on time or even ahead of schedule will eventually prove to those in charge that you are professional, committed and determined. Do not miss the perfect opportunity to start your career !  Take a look at our NEW Film & TV Acting Projects here! DON’T MISS OUT!   Click here.

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