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December 2021

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Getting your child a new hobby can be challenging. But the reward of enrolling your child in a Performing Arts School that stimulates their physical, emotional, and social growth is unmatched. There are plenty of physical activities available for kids to try — so many that it may be hard to choose just one! One example of a fun activity for kids is Dance. Think about the benefits that Dance classes for kids can offer. There are almost too many benefits to list! Here are just a

Not every person interested in Performing Arts is necessarily going to become a professional performer at the end of their training. Depending on one's skill level and what they want to do, there are many different paths that you could take following your graduation from any given Performing Arts School. For example, if you study Acting at the RSM Stage Academy and happen to be a particularly good actor, you might decide to pursue a career in Acting for Film or Stage, depending on which route you