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7 things to look for when choosing a Performing Arts School

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7 things to look for when choosing a Performing Arts School

RSM Stage Academy is the perfect place for your child to elevate their Singing, Acting and Dance abilities. We offer different types of classes such as: Acting, Musical Theatre, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary and much more.

Here are some tips and guides for parents when choosing a Stage School for your child.

  1. Studio Qualification and that of its Teachers

Be sure to check the studios qualification and adequate experience of the teachers. The teachers that are hired should have years of training and performance experience.

RSM Stage Academy has exceedingly qualified staff, ensuring that your child is being taught by only the best.

  1. Amiability of Teachers

Always search for a Stage School/Performing Arts School where the relationship of the teachers with their students is their number one priority. These people will be teaching your child so it is important that they create an environment that is pleasant for them.

The teachers at RSM Stage Academy focus on establishing a good relationship with their students before beginning with learning and training.

  1. Age Appropriate Groups

A Stage School/Performing Arts School of high standards will focus on offering age appropriate classes and groups for children of all ages. From toddlers to teenagers to adults.

RSM Stage Academy offers several different groups where each student can excel in there training in the appropriate group or class. Our highly skilled team of professionals will focus on teaching your child team-building skills and will ensure that your child has fun whilst learning key elements in Singing, Acting and Dance.

  1. Class Placement

To ensure maximum growth and elevation of your child’s learning it is very important for that child to be placed in a proper class. Although there are classes that are based on age it is fundamental that every child that is advanced in their skillset be placed in an advanced class.

  1. Size of the Class

It’s also very important to place your child in a class that is not overfilled and crowded. It’s beneficial that every student gets equal attention from their teacher.

At RSM Stage Academy, we make sure to keep our classes to a minimum and by doing so, every student is treated equally and receives equal attention.

  1. Safety

Reputable Stage Schools should make great efforts in reducing the risk of any injuries that may occur during physical activities. And to do so, every Performing Arts School should have specially constructed dance floors.

RSM Stage Academy ensures a safe and secure environment for your child where they will have lots of fun, learning and training with our highly skilled team to become well-rounded individual performers. Our studios are fully equipped with sprung floors and floor to ceiling mirrors along with the relevant space for each student.

  1. Overall Feeling and Experience

It is important to ask yourself and your child if they are happy to attend the Stage School/Performing Arts School that they have chosen. Does the school meet your expectations and is it the right environment for your child?

RSM Stage Academy strives to make your child’s experience unforgettable and one of a kind. We will be honoured to have them join us on a journey of success.

If you decide that we will be a great choice for you and your child, please be sure to check out our website for more information.

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