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7 Tips to Nail the Co-star Audition

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7 Tips to Nail the Co-star Audition

Have you been waiting for the day when you can ace the co-star audition? RSM Stage Academy offers the best acting classes in Wolverhampton that will help you prepare for the co-star audition. There’s no denying that co-star auditions can be challenging. We have listed 7 tips so you’ll be confident and ready to ace your next audition.

1.        Get Yourself Prepared For the Scene

Co-stars play an important role in a film or series to assist the lead role, move the plot forward, or provide insight into other characters. Their roles are functional to the success of the story. To be prepared for the audition, you need to understand the nature and purpose of your character. This will help you secure the role!

2.     Focus on Relationship to Your Environment

Co-stars’ relationship to the environment or space matters a lot! Put yourself in the environment where your functionary character takes place and imagine how he or she feels there. You will perform better if you feel comfortable in the space, and that will ultimately affect your audition.

3.    Give Your Opinion About the Role

Since co-star is a functionary role, still you can add your point of view to make your performance more dynamic. Whether it is about personal history, any mystery, or something specific to your character in a scene, your opinion will offer you a more grounded feeling in the scene and help you stand out from the rest.

4.   Believe in Yourself

Functionary characters require to be more devoted and better at playing their role. It’s easy to nail the audition if you understand your role and believe you can do this role. This role must be integrated into your mind, heart, and soul. Explore your creative side in this role and learn how your inner power can bring it out!

5.    Dive into Relationship with Others

The relationship you have with the other people in the scene is extremely important. No matter who is opposite you in the scene and how strong his acting is, you just need to focus on your relationship with that person. In each scene, consider your feelings and reactions about the characters, how those feelings influence your interactions, and what choices you can make based on your life experiences.

6.    Avoid Distracting Factors

If you want to be more focused on your scene, you should avoid using props. Do not allow unnecessary distractions to distract you from your work and control what can be controlled.

7.      Clear Storytelling

What’s better than clear storytelling consisting of a proper start, middle, and end? And this is also a secret of a well-crafted co-star audition. A clear story will keep yourself alert in the space before and after turning the camera on and off.


Here it is! 7 tips to nail the co-star audition. Further, RSM Stage Academy is the right destination that will help you realise your dream.

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