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Author: Richard Meredith

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We are very excited to be launching our NEW MUSICAL THEATRE CLASS from Friday 11th September 2020.  RSM Musical Theatre students will LEARN, CREATE and be INSPIRED by our highly skilled professionals.  Our Musical Theatre students will develop performance skills and audition techniques. Alongside strengthening their triple threat potential as we work to create stunning ensemble pieces and soloist performances. We will work heavily on harmonies along with vocal and physical stamina.

We are absolutely delighted to share with you all that we have won our 2nd award at the UK ENTERPRISE AWARDS 2020 for PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL OF THE YEAR - West Midlands. The judging panel were impressed with our standard of training, the opportunities that we provide all students with and our commitment, passion and dedication to the academy. Especially during these challenging times and we have kept going consistently and still providing and creating new opportunities behind the scenes.

Join us for challenging but fun workshop programme open for all ages 8+. The Show Must Go On Workshops will include scripted drama scene mixed with high impact and creative choreography. Each morning participants will enjoy a full-body conditioning and technique class styling in their zones and adhering to all social distancing.