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Health Benefits of Dancing

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Health Benefits of Dancing

When it comes to getting a good workout and staying healthy, dancing is an amazing way to stay fit. I love how it makes you feel and how freely we can express ourselves. Performing arts school makes you feel fantastic, but are you fully aware of just how many health benefits dancing has to offer? Below are some reasons why dancing is great as a workout because it will help you lose weight and helps to keep your brain smart and healthy!

Keeps us trim

Do you enjoy dancing? Did you know that a general dance class can burn anything from 100 to 500 calories per hour? This is true even though they barely involve lifting weights or brutally using your body, depending on the style of course!

Tight and firm

Dancing is a dynamic and fun way of moving your body and getting exercise. Whether you’re a ballerina at heart or go clubbing, trying things out on the dance floor will strengthen your legs as well as tone your muscles in the arms, core, and back. As long as you’re always keeping in mind to use your stomach muscles, dancing can help build that six-pack!


Dancing helps to develop body awareness and a greater sense of coordination. As we age, waist and hip stretch conditioning keep us looking youthful and gives us core strength. Our stretches can be done in the comforts of our own homes or at any local studio. Just like a bridge needs to be built strong enough to withstand the extreme weather, dancers need to keep their bodies flexible and mobile to last long.

Strong bones

Exercise does wonders for our bodies. It reduces symptoms of depression, helps manage stress levels, boosts metabolism, and more! One type of exercise that benefits your bones is jumping. Both men and women should take note because the impact of jumping helps strengthen your bones while aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Lubricated joints

Daily exercise is important in keeping a person active and mobile. Exercising helps joints stay mobile and lubricated, which can aid the prevention of arthritis in later years.

Mental strength and memory

Have you ever had to learn and practice a routine quickly? Or finding a dance academy near me. This is a great workout for your brain. As an entrepreneur, this helps keep your brain sharp and alert when processing tasks like following directions or working on daily routines. While requiring steps to be learned in an advanced sequence, dance consists of easily broken-down patterns. Reversing instructions makes us more alert to how we do things – and how much time it takes – all of which help us formulate new, more efficient strategies!

Reduces stress and increases energy

Have you ever just wanted to dance it out? With any aerobic exercise, dancing increases blood flow and reduces tension and stress – so if you’re feeling burnt out or need an energy boost in a hurry, bust a move! Let loose on the dance floor and release some tension building inside. Exercise is one of the best anti-depressants around – but while running on that treadmill can help burn off calories and lose weight, nothing beats being able to sing out loud with your favorite tunes while moving freely. So, whenever you don’t know how to relax or want to clear your mind – get dancing because everybody has been there at some point in their life!

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