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How does Performing Arts benefit your Mental Health and Well-being

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How does Performing Arts benefit your Mental Health and Well-being

In today’s society, people, especially children are overworked, over stressed and are held to overwhelming standards often caused by social media. One in five children will have experienced mental health problems at least once in their lives by the time they leave primary school. They are often exposed to too much stress and need to find an outlet that will help and encourage them to let go and express themselves. Many times, that outlet is Performing Arts. Performing Arts has been scientifically proven to help children combat depression, overcome anxiety and it even helps with emotional release. It can also help to boost confidence and make them feel more resilient and engaged.

RSM Stage Academy offers lessons in Acting, Singing and Dance. In each of these three disciplines taught at RSM Stage Academy, students are taught techniques and are exposed to a social environment which can and will have a positive impact on not only their mental health but also on their overall well-being. To read more about RSM Stage Academy click here –

Here are 5 ways Performing Arts benefit Mental Health.

  • Creativity increases happiness.
    Being creative can positively impact your mood. While being creative, we can improve our emotions and reduce negative ones.
  • Builds confidence.
    Performing requires actors to face their anxieties and be vulnerable as they display their talent in front of other people. Specifically, improvisation helps build important coping skills to decrease anxiety through a positive, non-judgmental and low stakes environment.
  • Encourages social interactions.
    Performing Arts offer opportunities for kids, teens and also adults to come together in a community setting that urges in-person interaction. Performing Arts get people away from their TV/phone screens and puts them in a positive social setting, where they can build social skills. Research shows that real life face to face group engagement improves mood and decreases depression.
  • Improves emotional intelligence.
    Performing Arts offers a safe environment for a person to reflect on or express difficult emotions. Through the arts, performers can focus, process and release their emotions in a way that is helpful for managing their mental health and well-being.


RSM Stage Academy is One of the UK’s leading Performing Arts Schools for all ages, providing exceptional training within the Performing Arts, giving all students outstanding opportunities where they can learn, create and be inspired by a highly skilled team.  Click on the following link to read more about what types of classes RSM Stage Academy offers –

RSM Stage Academy students and performers receive training in the three key disciplines: Singing, Acting and Dance.

Here is how these disciplines are beneficial to one’s Mental Health and Well-being.

  • Singing
    Studies have shown that singing releases endorphins which also reduce anxiety levels and stress. When learning to sing, students are taught breathing techniques, such as how to use their diaphragm and increase oxygen intake and lung capacity. These breathing techniques can be used to help those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Acting
    Acting and drama classes offer students a safe place to explore their issues that are relevant to their lives. It provides a space that encourages conversation and healing through creative expression. This raises awareness and provides an opportunity for young people and adults to understand what they are going through without having to talk about hard to discuss issues.

  • Dancing
    Being physically active releases positive endorphins, which make students feel more relaxed and overall happier. Dance classes are a great way to get students moving, burning calories, balance and coordination and developing muscle control. According to studies, the happiness experienced while dancing is measurable even after dancing increased levels in happiness present as long as a week after the last dance.

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