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How to Choose Your Showcase Piece

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How to Choose Your Showcase Piece

Getting ready to showcase to agents is not an easy process. To prepare for a successful showcase, you should know which material to choose and how to make the most of your preparation time. When you choose your showcase piece, you might consider whether it would complement your nature, or maybe you choose a role you have played before. By taking the acting classes at Wolverhampton from RSM Stage Academy you can easily make your choice. In this article, we will help you choose the best showcase piece and steer clear of the inappropriate.


6 Amazing Tips To Choose Your Showcase Piece

Are you looking for tips on how to select the best showcase piece? Here, we have mentioned some tips that enable you to smash your performance after selecting the right showcase piece.

1.     It Should Embrace You Naturally

You need to choose a showcase piece that sits naturally with your personality. It should represent your true self. Don’t feel that you are performing for the first time in front of them in this showcase. Put yourself into this performance so they can see a genuine performance and see a glimpse of who you are.

2.   Apt for the Moment and Specificity

Since agents want to know the roles that you can currently perform well, choose a role/character you are currently capable of playing. It would be a mere waste of time to choose a showcase piece that you can’t play now.

Besides, you should be very specific about the choices. The more specific piece you choose, the better you can perform.

3.   Avoid Overdone or Popular Piece

Try to avoid everything that is currently super popular or very overdone. If you select a very popular piece it may lead to unfair comparisons. Doing something that will create a sense of refreshment in your panel of agents is always a good idea.

4.   Range of Voice and Emotion

Ensure that the material you choose allows you to show the versatility of emotion and voice. It should allow you to make the best out of its different levels. Expressing only one emotion is boring. Choose a song with good range but avoid selecting one that has a note that you aren’t able to reach all the time. It is possible to always hit the top or bottom notes with emotional depth and creativity.

5.   Accept That Not Every Showcase Piece is Perfect

You can’t show perfection with a piece. And you are not expected to show everything with one piece. The tools in your toolbox can never be presented in one showcase, and it’s totally fine! Take the lead with what you’re good at and what you know!

6.   Make a Contrast

If you are going to do more than one piece, make sure they contrast. Both pieces should convey totally different emotions, characters, or feelings. It helps you to highlight the contrast between performances.



The right showcase piece is essential for performing well. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the right piece to showcase and give you the confidence that you need to go into your showcase! You can get the help and support from the highly skilled team of professionals at RSM Stage Academy.

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