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How to Improve Your Singing Ability – Singing Lessons in Wolverhampton

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How to Improve Your Singing Ability – Singing Lessons in Wolverhampton

Are You someone who loves to sing? Do you want to improve your singing ability? If you are a singer of any kind – amateur, professional, or just someone who likes to belt it out in the shower- then this article is for you.

Daily Practice
Practice is the key to success in singing. You may not be able to practice as much as you would like, however try and make sure that when you do have time for it, a big chunk of your rehearsal time goes into vocal exercises. Not only will it improve your ability as a singer, but the exercises are also good for your vocal chords.

Begin with Breathing
There are two different types of breathing exercises that you can do when practicing. The first is called “full breath” and the other is known as “breath control”. All singers should begin with full breaths as this will warm up their vocal chords, however, in order to develop as a singer, you need to learn how to use breath control.

Investing in your Voice
If you want to become better at singing, invest in your voice. You should buy a good microphone and speaker system for personal use so that you can practice anytime you would like! Also, vocal/singing lessons in Wolverhampton with RSM Stage Academy are a good idea because they will allow you to learn how your voice works and what techniques are best for it, along with bespoke training for the individual.

Understanding Posture
The body is an instrument, just like the voice. In order to properly use your body as an instrument, you need to understand the best way of using it whilst singing and how that will affect the sound coming from your mouth. Stand up straight with your head at a 90-degree alignment looking forward, while making sure not to lift or tense any muscles in the neck or throat. You must be relaxed and have no tension in your body.

Art of Enunciation
Enunciation is the art of being able to speak clearly. When you are singing, enunciation is important because it helps with resonance and projection in your voice. To improve this skill, practice reading out loud, and say the words as if you are singing them. Focusing on articulation exercises and speech work will really be beneficial for your development as a singer.

Flex your Face and Jaw
When you are singing, it is important that your face and jaw remain relaxed. To do this, create a smile with an open mouth – release the muscles of your face by relaxing them as if you were yawning or making a funny expression. Do not tense up any facial muscles because then they will remain in that position which can cause tension in both your jaw and neck.

Vocal Warm-Ups
A vocal warm-up is a routine of singing exercises that prepares your voice for the more demanding and high intensity work. It’s important to do this before singing or any kind of performance! Use breathing, tongue strokes, and humming (sirens) to warm up your vocals with these simple steps:
– Take a deep breath in through the nose and push it out from pursed lips.
– Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and drag it to the bottom teeth, then back again.
– Hum by making an “oo” sound with pursed lips and starting at a low note while gradually upping the octave until you reach a high one.

You can also try these exercises: gargling with water, singing the alphabet or a folk song, and making an “ehh” sound.

Your teacher at RSM Stage Academy they will work with you on scales, vocal range, support/breathing exercises along with articulation and repertoire work. Each session is tailer made for the individual and we will work at a high level to really develop, enhance and create a strong technique for each singer and performer who works with us in our studios.

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