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How to Prepare your First Acting Class as a Teacher

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How to Prepare your First Acting Class as a Teacher

Working as an acting teacher is an outstanding achievement, and it can be super exciting if you are doing it for the first time. Being an acting teacher is pretty different from being an actor, and it is a super rewarding, humbling, and powerful experience. Even if you know all the rules of good acting, it can still be very overwhelming teaching an adult acting class for the first time.


Adult Acting Classes

Especially if you are teaching in an acting school like RSM Stage Academy that offers adult acting classes in Wolverhampton, you might get a little nervous. But relax, because today we will give you some tips on preparing for your first adult acting class as an acting teacher.


1.  Confidence is the key!

The first and the most helpful tip is never to lose your confidence even though it is very common in the teaching industry to self-doubt because you’re addressing groups and imparting them your acting knowledge for the first time.
However, you sound sure if you use a firm tone, and students listen to you very carefully and follow your direction. You can take short pauses while addressing something essential and keep your posture straight to look confident and professional.

2.  Dressing should be on point!

The dressing acts as the first impression of your personality, so make sure it is on point. You can wear something comfortable if you’re teaching an acting class; however, don’t be too easy or basic in your clothing choice.
You don’t have to overdress; instead, you need to wear something impactful that boosts your confidence and looks effortless at the same time.

3.  Warm up and analyze the environment

The next step is to analyze your adult acting classes environment and the students to use the right teaching approach. And you must ensure using the right words and say them fluently to make them impactful. You can try relaxation exercises that involve breathing rhythm exercises to calm you down and relax your muscles.

4.  Start a fun discussion

Instead of being extra strict or rigid, you can pose a question or crack a joke in your first adult acting class. After that you can start introducing yourself and then you can ask the students in your class to get up one by one and tell you why they chose to be an actor or some other healthy question.

5.  Give honest feedback

The last step is to give honest feedback after listening to every student in your class. You must be extremely careful that you don’t get mean when being straightforward and honest with the students and at the same time make them understand where they are lacking in their approach towards acting.
Remember that you can use your words to help improve the acting skills of your students and make them put extra effort into their craft.

Final Words

We want to conclude by saying that adding your touch of personality into your teaching can do wonders for you. Always believe in yourself and don’t forget to check out RSM Stage Academy, which is one of the top institutes to learn and teach adult acting classes.

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