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Jazz Tech: How to Crush the Beginner Steps

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Jazz Tech: How to Crush the Beginner Steps

Jazz dancing, in particular acrobatic dancing, is an artistic expression that showcases the originality of dancers. Jazz tech, a perfect blend of ballet steps, fancy footwork, body twists, and leaps, cultivates balance and grace.

Whether you are a Chicago dance fan on the floor or someone looking for a dance academy near me, RSM Stage Academy helps you get the professional training of Jazz dancing. To excel in Jazz tech, you need to execute steps in your way. If you are a beginner and want to crush its movements, this article is for you!

Here are a few first Jazz steps!


Jazz Square

The foremost and simplest step is Jazz Square. The following ways help you practice this step.

  • Step your feet out to hip-width distance with relaxed knees.
  • Take the LF forward and cross the RF in front of it.
  • Take a step behind with the LF. Repeat this step with RF also.
  • From the RF, begin the square, and then begin from the opposite feet.
  • Try stepping forward with the same foot into each of the squares while moving your feet on the floor without weight.
  • Variation one: Rotate towards the foot on which the square begins by taking a 1/4 turn.
  • Variation two: Take a step backward from the hips and sink in from the knees before rising to the next step.
  • Variation three: Hop between steps by dancing on the ball of your feet and running through the steps.


In this step, one foot follows the other. The chasse provides us with support on the floor and prepares us for jumps.

  • To begin, bend knees gently and turn toes out.
  • You can step to either side and then move the second foot next to the first one.
  • Skip in the same direction as you pick up your foot.
  • Repeat this action in all directions.
  • Attempt to close the back foot multiple times, so that multiple skips are created in the same direction.
  • Variation: Lift the knee sharply as the back foot closes on the front foot, creating a popping action.

The Layout

  • Put your toes out while bending at the knees.
  • Holding your back foot on the ground, move your upper body backward to the range that is comfortable for you.
  • Stretch your spine and your head to relieve any back pressure.
  • You can then extend your arms and swing them sideways.
  • Lift your back leg upward as you go backward while maintaining a comfortable arch.
  • Make sure your standing leg is softly bent.
  • Counterbalance the sweeping leg with your upper body.

Parting Tips

  • To engage the appropriate muscles, you need to start shallow and gradually increase the pace as you gain strength. Placement and technique should never be sacrificed for height.
  • Pilates and other exercises can help you develop better control so that you can play jazz well.
  • Strengthen your legs, so that when you perform moves like the layout, the standing leg does not buckle.


That’s all about the jazz steps! You can also seek the help of professional trainers of RSM Stage Academy to crush the beginner steps of Jazz.

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