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What are the benefits of singing? Decades of research has shown that singing individually and in groups is good for you on many levels. Here at RSM Stage Academy, which is an award-winning Performing Arts School offer many opportunities to excel in Singing Lessons whether that is on a 1 to 1 basis or a group. Here according to science, are 10 key benefits of raising your voice in song.   Relieves stress Singing appears to be a stress reliever. A 2017 study measured the amount of cortisol, the

A decade ago, any mention of a choir would probably have brought Sunday morning hymns to mind. But there’s been a revolution in attitudes towards joining the local choir. Adding well-known mainstream music to the repertoire, the small screen appeal of television choirmaster Gareth Malone and the increased visibility of choirs such as Rock Choir and Pop Choir have attracted a new crowd to the idea of the communal singalong. It is estimated that an astonishing 2.8m Britons are now members of a choir. And at RSM

The Voice is one of the most refined and intricate human functions and hormones have a significant influence on voice. Hormones affect the structure of the vocal tract and the larynx too.  Moreover, the human voice can be significantly influenced by continuous variations in both physiological and endocrine problems.  Whether you are a male or a female, you can polish your singing skills leveraging the right academy. If you are looking for singing lessons in Wolverhampton, RSM Stage Academy is your right destination.  What hormones and structures affect vocal cords? Men's

Has your child developed a passion for the arts and now wants to forge his path in a Performing Arts School? Great! RSM Stage Academy is a well-known Performing Arts School that allows your child to explore more about the arts and be prepared for what a career in the arts entails.  Besides improving your children's efficiency in academic performance, a Performing Arts School can benefit your child in many ways.  Creative Thinking Being creative helps your child to solve problems better and more innovatively. Having out of

The TV shows are amazing to watch, especially for the actors to learn many new things. There is always some cathartic situation in TV shows about acting. You can also seek help from some classes like acting classes Wolverhampton. But there is nothing better than watching TV shows about acting and learning from them. You can relate to all these acting challenges that many other actors also face during their acting careers. Ensure that you will observe their stories and take lessons from them. The storyline of struggling

If you are a struggling actor, then you may have different challenges. Every actor faces some challenges like finding work and many more. Some actors face challenges and now become successful actors. The acting classes at Wolverhampton arrange other sessions that help the actors to become successful. However, the challenges for actors are natural, and the proper guidance helps to become successful. The RSM Stage Academy is a true blessing that trains the actors in different ways. First, it is essential to know about the challenges of acting to

Jazz dancing, in particular acrobatic dancing, is an artistic expression that showcases the originality of dancers. Jazz tech, a perfect blend of ballet steps, fancy footwork, body twists, and leaps, cultivates balance and grace. Whether you are a Chicago dance fan on the floor or someone looking for a dance academy near me, RSM Stage Academy helps you get the professional training of Jazz dancing. To excel in Jazz tech, you need to execute steps in your way. If you are a beginner and want to crush its

Getting ready to showcase to agents is not an easy process. To prepare for a successful showcase, you should know which material to choose and how to make the most of your preparation time. When you choose your showcase piece, you might consider whether it would complement your nature, or maybe you choose a role you have played before. By taking the acting classes at Wolverhampton from RSM Stage Academy you can easily make your choice. In this article, we will help you choose the best showcase

Right after birth, a child starts developing reflexes, skills, and learning to interact with the environment. Cultivating confidence is essential to help the children deal with whatever comes their way. Positive self-esteem acts as a buffer to boost positive social behavior and contribute to the personality building of a child in a Performing Arts School or other fields of life. Here are some easy but significant things you can do each day to improve your child's self-esteem. 7 Ways To Build Your Child’s Confidence 1.   Embrace confidence yourself Children learn mostly