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Performers of the Future: RSM Stage Academy’s Programs

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Performers of the Future: RSM Stage Academy’s Programs

Kids and Adults dream of becoming famous! From the moment they are young, they want to be on TV, In a Movie, or on a Stage. This desire doesn’t go away when they grow up, and whilst it may seem impossible for most kids or adults to achieve this goal without the correct connections or experience, but RSM Stage Academy is giving them a chance. RSM offers programs that will help children and adults develop their skills and prepare them for life as performers! Your Journey starts here…

RSM Early Years

In RSM Early Years Academy, your child will be nurtured and encouraged through learning the key elements in Singing, Acting, and Dance. Your little star will learn how to build confidence by training at our academy with a highly skilled team of instructors who ensure every student is safe while having lots of fun!

RSM Dance School

Students are taught Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary, in order to develop a well-rounded repertoire of dance styles. Dancers also learn in an environment that fosters creativity, self-confidence, and teamwork. Our team of professional teachers are experienced within all levels and capabilities of students, as they encourage them to be both disciplined and expressive! Our talented instructors have many years of experience teaching children, teens, and adults how to perform on stage or screen.

Film and TV Acting

Why don’t you take your story, turn it in to a script, and even better turn it into a film or television show? Our Film & Television class will teach you the principles of scriptwriting, as well as what makes for an engaging story! You’ll also get to experience first-hand how scripts are turned into films – by making one yourself with our guidance. We explore different camera angles and techniques in order to shoot scenes faithfully while having fun behind the camera work too!

Adult Performing Arts Company

Our RSM Adult Performing Arts Company works towards live public performances and showcases. They also provide training for the individual performer, along with specialized opportunities to audition for contracts or jobs within the industry. Each company member will be provided new monthly challenges on their last Wednesday of each month, so they can display what they have learned from training sessions. Alongside the professional training given all our adults will be involved in regular showcases and performance opportunities. 

1 on 1 Training

RSM Stage Academy 1 to 1 Training offers bespoke sessions tailored to the individual’s needs, whether you are just starting out or a professional within the industry. We cater to all ages with our bespoke training in Singing, Acting, and Dance. All of which will be supported by working on your core skills and developing techniques that will challenge you, inspire you and push you to a new-found level.

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre students will work on their performance skills, audition techniques, whilst developing triple threat potential. Creating stunning ensemble pieces and soloist performances along the way. We will focus heavily on harmonies, in addition to vocal stamina for a combined experience that’s sure not to disappoint. Our Musical Theatre performers have an option of taking exams with us through Trinity College London, with our group examinations or if you prefer you can take on your own individualised exam.


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