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RSM Tap students will study all aspects of Tap Dance including musicality, syncopation and rhythm. Our Tap teacher is a highly experienced and professional teacher who incorporates a fun element into this class alongside a highly technical aspect. Tap is a specialised subject that can be extremely intricate, requires dedication and lots of practice.
Students also take part in live performances showcasing their progression each time. Students are given the opportunity to study for exams at the academy. For more information on the exams please send us a message.


RSM Ballet students will study all aspects of classical ballet under Lisa’s guidance. They will learn the French terminology and English translations and how this is interpreted into ballet and also anatomy and how the body works.
Our Ballet teacher is highly experienced and with her expertise she will guide you through several stretches and techniques at the Barre, along with centre work. This will also include Allegro and Adagio. Ballet students will also take part in several performances including our local showcases learning traditional Ballet Choreography. There will also be an option for students who wish to take exams at the academy. For more information on the exams please send us a message.


RSM Contemporary students will experience and learn an array of techniques with Contemporary Dance. Contemporary allows for freedom and expression in dance through the exploration of techniques established by dance pioneers such as Laban, Cunningham, Graham and Brown. Pushing ourselves to our individual limits while embodying our emotion and intention in movement, we explore how movement can change its purpose through elements such as levels, pace, dynamics and resistance.
Our contemporary students often create for themselves a movement that is out of the ordinary, out of their comfort zone and spontaneous. Contemporary dance allows them to become well-rounded dancers and open minded.


RSM Jazz students will learn an array of techniques focusing on centre and corner work, along with learning the many different characteristics and styles of Jazz. We will cover the main elements of Street Jazz, Broadway/Musical Theatre Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical Jazz. Our Jazz classes can be patterned in any of these styles or even a combination of them.
RSM Jazz students will also learn new routines, adapting their techniques learnt into the material taught. Students will also learn the different vocabulary. For example the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms. Emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, style, control of movements and technique.
Each of our Jazz students have their own style they are particularly talented in, which makes this class extra special allowing further creativity and development in our students. Jazz students will also feature in live performances at our local showcases and potentially in a variety of new projects.
Dance School Information
Our Dance School fees are for Tap, Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz Classes.

General Fee Information

Additional classes are set at £5.00 per hourly session. All class fees must be paid on time and before classes start. If fees are not paid before the classes start, your son/daughter may be refused entry into the class. There is no charge for the use of credit cards.

Initial Application

You will need to fill out the application form provided along with two passport size pictures.
Please ensure that you provide all documentation listed and the form is completed in full.
Free taster sessions are not available for additional classes.
  1. Loyalty cards will be issued, and you will require 9 stamps to receive a free class (worth £5.00) Only available to students attending RSM Stage Academy Classes.
  2. If your son/daughter is unable to attend at any time, this will come out of their 8-week allowance during the year.
  3. We still require 24 hours’ notice if your son/daughter is unwell and is unable to attend. This will also come out of your 8-week allowance during the year.
  4. You are required to pay a minimum of 4 weeks at any one time. This applies to everyone!
  5. We now require 48 hours cancellation notice for all private lesson bookings otherwise you will still be charged for the lesson missed.
  7. If paying by cash, please check your change before leaving Reception at the Academy as mistakes cannot be rectified.
  8. Holiday forms are required to be filled in and must be completed by the student’s own parent/guardian.

Carrying Across Weeks

You will be able to carry across no more than 8 weeks in a 12-month period starting from January – December. This will include all absences from illness to holidays.


Emergencies can happen but please let us know at least 24 hours before any class if there could be a problem attending. If you do not inform us in advance of your son/daughter’s absence, you will still be charged for the session missed. Any absences at the academy will automatically come out of your 8-week allowance.


Should you wish to book time off for your son/daughter, please ask for a absence form. Please let us know at least 2 weeks before if your son/daughter will be on holiday/away. Your time away will be taken out of your 8-week allowance.

Dance School Fees Tap Ballet – Contemporary

You will have the option to pay for a full period of time
1 Class 2 Classes 3 Classes
4 weeks – £20.00 4 weeks – £40.00 4 weeks – £60.00
6 weeks – £30.00 6 weeks – £60.00 6 weeks – £90.00
8 weeks – £40.00 8 weeks – £80.00 8 weeks – £120.00
10 weeks – £50.00 10 weeks – £100.00 10 weeks – £150.00
12 weeks – £60.00 12 weeks – £120.00 12 weeks – £180.00