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When you join RSM Stage Academy you will form new friendships, improve your fitness and grow in confidence and self-esteem. Skills for life! We are one big family at RSM Stage Academy and welcome any one to join us.
All students will gain a much fuller aspect of all areas of the Performing Arts from TV Acting to Stage Acting, both very different but here at RSM we believe in giving all students a dynamic approach to training and to work on becoming a more versatile performer. You focus on all areas in the Stage Academy Classes with 1-hour training in Dance, Singing and Acting.
Take on a challenge, embrace new opportunities and come out of your comfort zone to push you to the next level.


Acting is an intricate and engaging discipline and one that RSM take seriously from a young age.

Combining commercial acting with more traditional theatrical performance, students will learn various techniques in voice, characterisation and dramatic convention as well as studying various practitioners such as Stanislavski, Hagen and Grotowski. Students will work on a variety of scripts from classical Elizabethan such as Shakespeare to contemporary texts.
Students will also devise and perform their own work finding inspiration from other genres such as Literature, Art, Music and History. Finally students will learn how to work as an ensemble, gain confidence and be encouraged to find their own dramatic voice.
Students will study commercial acting for Film and Television with opportunities to utilise their skills in multimedia projects. Students will learn new techniques as well as developing existing skills specifically for screen acting. Students will be introduced to technical procedures, set dynamics and script work enabling them to perform for the camera with style and confidence.


Dance is an essential part of the Performing Arts and is important that students are raring to go and ready to take on any challenge given.

Here at RSM, students will focus on overall fitness, core strength and flexibility in an enjoyable, disciplined environment. Students will cover many styles of work in our Commercial and Musical Theatre based weeks. This will alternate each week allowing students to develop into more diverse and versatile dancers. Students will still learn the fundamental techniques each week that will be taught based upon what they are learning.
You will have the opportunity to work on big Musical Theatre pieces combining all three disciplines of the Performing Arts. Choreography and Technique Classes will be introduced to build firm foundations and work on correct placement throughout in the following areas: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Commercial Jazz, Street Dance and much more.
You will work on many pieces of Choreography from big West End/Broadway shows alongside all styles of Commercial performances; from Street Dance to Music Videos.


Singing is a fun and challenging subject that allows you to express your emotion through your Voice and Performance.

It is vitally important that all students who attend RSM are engaged throughout the sessions whilst learning. Therefore, we alternate in the weeks that we teach at the Academy giving the student more versatility as a performer. Commercial based weeks are when students will focus on more contemporary pieces such as Pop/Rock, RnB, Soul, Jazz, Blues and much more. Musical Theatre based weeks are where students will learn pieces from West End/Broadway shows, also including more classical pieces of Theatre where many different techniques will be learnt.
Students will have the opportunity to work as ensemble and will focus on harmonies in many different styles. Students will also have the opportunity to work in smaller groups and have the chance to experience lead vocal and soloist work.
Students will learn how to fully connect their voice in a fun and informative way, using their diaphragm and focusing on breathing techniques that will push them to the next level. We also cover general posture, pitch, tone and vocal placement. Theory is introduced into the Academy classes along with Performance Techniques that students use to enhance and understand their performance.

Academy Fee Information

RSM Stage Academy Classes are 3 hours training per week, covering 1 hour of Singing, Dance and Acting. Prices below are based on 3 hours of training in our Stage Academy Classes.

Initial Application

You will need to fill out the application form provided, along with two passport size pictures.
Please ensure that you provide all documentation listed and the form is completed in full. The initial application enrolment fee will be £48.00 which includes 2 weeks fees and an RSM T-shirt.
We do offer FREE TASTER SESSIONS at the Academy throughout the year.
If you are booked on one of our FREE TASTER SESSIONS, the enrolment fee will be due after the first FREE CLASS.
  1. You will be able to carry across 8 weeks during a 12-month period from January to December. This will include all absences from illness to holidays.
  2. If your son/daughter is unable to attend at any time, this will come out of their 8-week allowance during the year.
  3. We still require 24 hours’ notice if your son/daughter is unwell and is unable to attend. This will also come out of your 8-week allowance during the year.
  4. You are required to pay a minimum of 4 weeks at any one time. This applies to everyone!
  5. We now require 48 hours cancellation notice for all private lesson bookings otherwise you will still be charged for the lesson missed.
  7. If paying by cash, please check your change before leaving Reception at the Academy as mistakes cannot be rectified.
  8. Holiday forms are required to be filled in and must be completed by the student’s own parent/guardian.


Emergencies can happen but please let us know at least 24 hours before any class if there could be a problem attending. If you do not inform us in advance of your son/daughter’s absence, you will still be charged for the session missed. Any absences at the academy will automatically come out of your 8-week allowance.


Should you wish to book time off for your son/daughter, please ask for a absence form. Please let us know at least 2 weeks before if your son/daughter will be on holiday/away. Your time away will be taken out of your 8-week allowance.

Normal Fee Breakdown

Weeks Paid For Total Cost
(per student)
Breakdown of cost
per week
4 Weeks £60.00 £15.00 per week
6 Weeks £90.00 £15.00 per week
8 Weeks £120.00 £15.00 per week
10 Weeks £140.00 £14.00 per week
12 Weeks £168.00 £14.00 per week

Sibling Fee Breakdown

Weeks Paid For Total Cost
(per student)
Breakdown of cost
per week
4 Weeks £52.00 £13.00 per week
6 Weeks £78.00 £13.00 per week
8 Weeks £104.00 £13.00 per week
10 Weeks £120.00 £12.00 per week
12 Weeks £144.00 £12.00 per week