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Top 10 Reasons to choose RSM Stage Academy in Wolverhampton

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Top 10 Reasons to choose RSM Stage Academy in Wolverhampton

If you have begun to show an interest in performing arts, the time has come to enrol in professional lessons and training. If you’re looking to begin a career in singing, dance or acting or you want to master your skillset and profession, signing up to a performing arts school is the perfect choice for you.  While it is important to choose the best lessons, it is just as, if not more, important to choose the perfect school which you will attend. This can be a difficult decision.

RSM Stage Academy is an award-winning Performing Arts School, providing professional training in Singing, Dance and Acting for all ages.

Students at RSM Stage Academy will have the opportunity to work as ensemble, in small groups, develop 1 to 1 in private lessons and develop many beneficial life skills.

RSM Stage Academy

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to choose RSM Stage Academy:

1. Experienced Teachers

Finding the right teacher for you can be a matter of trial and error. The best way to know if you have chosen a good teacher is whether or not you are improving at your craft as your lessons continue and a teacher that brings out the best in you. There is no better place to become a professional than at RSM Stage Academy. With the utmost professionalism, top quality training and with a diverse team of teachers who will ensure that you receive exceptional training, our teachers provide fun, yet challenging classes in an enthusiastic learning environment.


2. No Competitions

Unlike other Stage Schools, here at RSM, throughout the year, students will focus on overall fitness, core strength, stamina and flexibility in an enjoyable, disciplined environment. Students will cover many styles of work in all 3 disciplines and do not spend time rehearsing the same piece over and over unless we are doing a show or performance. Here at RSM we provide opportunities for students to perform across the country and the world rather than focusing on competitions as we strive for inclusion, teamwork and an overall friendly atmosphere in our studios.


3. Excellent Facilities

Our students deserve only the best! Performers need lots of room and we have expansive studios with high ceilings! Our state-of-the-art facility is located at Unit 6D Wednesfield Business Park, Waddens Brook Lane, Wolverhampton. RSM Stage Academy ensures a safe and secure environment where our students will have lots of fun, learning and training with our highly skilled team to become well-rounded individual performers.


4. Variety of Classes

Students have the opportunity, aside from academy classes, to take part in various classes held throughout the week. We have our Dance School on Thursday nights which covers styles such as: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap. We also provide specialized classes in Acro, Musical Theatre and various acting based classes to help our students develop their preferred disciplines even further. While our academy classes cover lots for all ages and abilities, these extra classes give those that want to join in extra technique and challenges to develop.


5. Teacher friendliness

A school of high standards will always seek to hire professionals who love their profession and bring their full potential at work. It is crucial to choose a school where the teachers create an environment that is pleasant for their students, to establish a good relationship before beginning with learning and training. Ensure that the school and teachers who are hired have adequate experience and qualifications. They should also have years of experience and exceptional teaching skills – these are the qualities that the staff at RSM Stage Academy possesses. Our teachers are approachable and want the very best for our students! We encourage great communication! Our staff create a warm and welcoming studio environment, and there is a wonderful sense of community at RSM! Click here to Meet the team


rsm stage academy


6. Age Appropriate

At RSM Stage Academy, we ensure that all choreography, costumes and music for all the classes are age appropriate.  There are no skimpy costumes or uniforms, so both dancers and parents feel comfortable.  At RSM Stage Academy we teach all ages, Early Years through to Adults. Staff ensure that all material picked for lessons is appropriate for the children involved but will still push them in the necessary discipline (singing, acting or dance) to aid their development.


7. Well Organized

RSM Stage Academy share information in an effective, timely manner through newsletters, email notifications, our website and social media.  All of our important dates are available at time of registration. For more information on the latest news click here.



8. Online Opportunities for Virtual Workshops & Training

To allow greater flexibility we have now launched our Virtual Workshops and Training online. These will take place via Zoom and will be open to everyone! We currently have no set time of the year that these virtual workshops will take place, however we are currently working at bringing new virtual opportunities to you. You can read more about our workshops here.


9. Nothing to Hide!

We’ve got nothing to hide!  All studio information is fully accessible at our website –

Newsletters, Tuition Fees, Schedule, Calendar of Events, Studio Policies, etc. – it’s all accessible. We believe in being upfront and transparent and keeping our community well informed! Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. We do have our Frequently Asked Questions page available on our website here –


10. Overall Feeling & Experience

It’s important to ask yourself if you are happy with the school you’ve chosen to attend.  Does the school meet your expectations and is it the right environment for you? 

RSM Stage Academy strives to make your experience unforgettable and one of a kind. We will be honored to have you join us on a journey of success.




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