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Top 5 reasons Why Children Need the Performing Arts

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Top 5 reasons Why Children Need the Performing Arts

The benefits of attending Performing Arts lessons for children are incredible. Performing Arts such as music, acting, dancing, etc., provide a creative outlet for children but they also provide educational, emotional and mental benefits and so much more. All of these benefits are immensely important for every child’s health and development.

A Performing Arts School will always strive to bring out the best in each of their students and we here at RSM Stage Academy believe that each of our students deserve our full attention and devotion to help them reach their full potential. The skills they will learn at RSM will not only be fun and engaging but will also provide life skills that will help them succeed in life.

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  1. Creating well rounded and confident individuals

Performing Arts is a way to help kids come out of their comfort zones. It helps encourage them to build their confidence and also helps them develop strong relationships. And with each step they take towards progress, they will improve and their confidence will also continue to grow. Attending these types of classes can also have a flow on effect to reducing depression and anxiety in kids.

Children that participate in arts with their peers will help them build confidence and also self-respect.

Performing Arts classes can encourage children to put themselves out there without fear of judgement and will help them develop presentation and communication skills.


  1. Boosts Young Brains and improves academic achievement

Children that attend Performing Arts classes will eventually have tremendous academic achievements and this due to the fact that Performing Arts can help boost their brain power and stimulate the parts that are associated with academic achievement and emotional development. This is why it should not be only recognized as only an extracurricular activity but should be considered as an overall part of your child’s education.

When arts education is intertwined in a child’s life daily, it will show that they also improve in problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, etc. This is crucial for their overall development and education.




  1. Enhance Creativity

This is probably one of the most common and obvious benefits but it will eventually extend to many aspects of a child’s life. When they are encouraged to express themselves, children develop innovation skills and also feel freer to take risks when creating art. When children find themselves in a supportive environment, they learn to find their voice by expressing themselves artistically through Performing Arts and embrace being their utmost selves.


  1. Music Improves Social Skills

When placed in teams, children are shown how to work together in a group/team and this teaches them important social skills such as teamwork, discipline, leadership skills and how to relate to others in their surroundings. Working in groups teaches them responsibility and compromise, which eventually leads to achievement of their common goal. This shows them that when all contribute to the group, they will reach success.




  1. Instills Discipline

A child’s dedication towards art will teach them the important concept of discipline. While not every child is born with a natural talent for Dance, Singing or Acting, the commitment and practice that will be required to improve their skill will teach them discipline and it will become a benefit in many aspects of their life.

A professional performer will only become who they are by practicing for hours and hours on end. Determination and dedication should always be number one, with this children will learn perseverance and self-worth to be confident walking through life.

At RSM, students learn to constantly develop new skills and abilities to improve their skills further. RSM also teaches students to never give up and to believe in themselves and their passion and love for Performing Arts.


At RSM Stage Academy we believe that all children should be free to express their creativity by attending Performing Arts classes.

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