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What can you gain by having 1 to 1 training in Dance, Singing or Acting

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What can you gain by having 1 to 1 training in Dance, Singing or Acting

Dreaming of becoming a superstar?

An amazing performer or maybe even a triple threat?

If you’re looking to begin a career in Singing, Dance or Acting or you want to master your skillset and profession, singing up to a Performing Arts School is the perfect choice for you.


You should always search for an academy that is committed to developing your full potential through Dance, Singing and Acting. Your main goal should be to choose a devoted academy with utmost professionalism, top quality training and with a diverse team of teachers who will ensure that you receive exceptional training. Finding the right teacher for you can be a matter of trial and error. The best way to know if you have chosen a good teacher is whether or not you are improving at your craft as your lessons continue and a teacher that brings out the best in you. There is no better place to become a professional than at RSM Stage Academy.  To read about RSM Stage Academy click here.

RSM Stage Academy is a Performing Arts School teaching students for over 10 years. At RSM Stage Academy students and performers receive training in the three key disciplines: Singing, Acting and Dance in a variety of classes. To read more about what types of classes RSM Stage Academy offers click here.

RSM Stage Academy 1 to 1 Training are bespoke sessions tailored to the individual’s needs, whether you are just starting out, experienced and or a professional within the industry. RSM Stage Academy caters for all ages. You are guaranteed a teacher with immense enthusiasm; knowledge and professionalism that will work in great detail on your core skills and help you develop your technique. They will also work on your performance and strengthen the area in need of further development, whilst enhancing your current ability to reach your maximum potential.

There are many positives to having 1 to 1 sessions and why they are beneficial alongside your group classes. With 1 to 1 training, personalized attention is guaranteed, helping the student become a better performer.


There are numerous benefits of 1 to 1 training.

  1. Attendance – With 1 to 1 training, being the only student gives you power to reschedule the whole class whenever wanted or needed. And be sure, this class cannot and will not begin without you. This ensures that you will not miss out or fall behind on any lessons.
  2. Personalized experience – When there is one student the teacher can make learning more effective and interesting to that student. They can also modify the training according to the student’s interests and requirements.
  3. No distractions – When there is 1 to 1 learning it is to focus all your attention on the teacher and on what he/she is teaching. When there are too many people in a class you can be easily distracted.
  4. Interaction – Another advantage is the personalized attention you receive from the teacher. The teacher is fully committed to you and will not have to divide their attention and can solely focus on you and can listen and answer all your queries.

RSM Stage Academy also offers virtual 1 to 1 training. If you are unable to get to a session in person or simply it is too far to travel, RSM teaches students and clients across the world so this is the perfect option for you. We currently have clients from Spain, New York, Los Angeles, India, Dubai as well as across the UK.

Here is why RSM Stage Academy is the perfect choice for you.

  • We provide exceptional opportunities to all our students and clients.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding classes in Singing, Dance & Acting, in a safe, fun and caring environment, in our very own state-of-the-art premises.
  • We are one of the most competitively priced Performing Arts Schools in the UK. Open to all ages 4+ with no upper age limit.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced team works with groups and individuals to really bring out the best in each and every student.
  • We offer graded and diploma examinations in Musical Theatre, Acting, Drama & Speech wherever you are in the World.


To book your 1 to 1 training click here.

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