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What to consider when choosing a stage school for under 18’s?

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What to consider when choosing a stage school for under 18’s?

It is always a parent’s main goal to choose a stage school that best suits their child’s interests and needs. With so many options, it’s important to find the perfect stage school that has highly experienced and professional teachers who will guarantee exceptional training whilst making this a fun, inviting and unforgettable experience for your child. 

To be sure if you are choosing the right establishment for your child, make a comparison of their interests and what classes the school offers. One of the many questions that is asked is whether your child is interested in Dance, Singing or Acting recreationally or professionally. Most stage schools will offer you a variety of classes based on any interest in Performing Arts.

Here are 3 fundamental things to consider when choosing a stage school:

1. Convenience

It’s not always ideal to spend your time commuting long hours so it is best to choose a school that is near you. You might be asking yourself: is there a stage school near me? 

RSM Stage Academy is the perfect place for your child to elevate their Singing, Acting and Dancing abilities. 

RSM Stage Academy ensures a safe and secure environment for your child where they will have lots of fun, learning and training with a highly skilled team to become well rounded individual performers from as young as 4 years of age. 

2. Expenditure

It’s always best to choose a school that is within your budget.  But have in mind, choosing one that has exceedingly qualified and experienced staff will ensure that your child is being taught by only the best.  To be sure that the stage school is affordable for you, do not hesitate to ask about extra charges that might spring up before you register your child. The price may vary depending on what class you choose. 

3. Teachers and Class Placement

Always search for a stage school where the relationship of the teachers with their students is their number one priority. These people will be teaching your child so it is important that they create an environment that is pleasant for them. The teachers at RSM Stage Academy focus on establishing a good relationship with their students before beginning with learning and training. To show maximum growth and elevation of your child’s learning, it is very important for your child to be placed in an appropriate class. Although there are classes that are based on age, it is fundamental that every child who is advanced in their skillset, is placed in an advanced class or given further challenges suitable for their needs. 

It’s also very important to place your child in a class that is not overfilled and crowded. It’s beneficial that every student gets equal attention from the teacher. We make sure to keep our classes small-medium sized and by doing so every student is treated equally and receives equal attention.

Our highly skilled team of professionals will focus on teaching your child team building skills and will ensure that your child has fun whilst learning key techniques in Singing, Acting and Dancing.

RSM Stage Academy strives to make your child’s experience unforgettable and one of a kind. We will be happy to have them join us on a journey of success.

If you decide that we are a great choice for you and your child, please be sure to contact us by calling 01902 725100 or email –

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